For the last week, I’ve had test copies of the new booklets loitering about my premises. These fuckers relentlessly grab my attention. The print quality! What heavy paper! The spine-lettering! I’ve actually been hindered in my day-to-day functioning because of their attention-sucking tendencies. They are attention-vampires.

I’m aware this probably only applies to me, but they’re still pretty neat. Which is why I’m informing you on my appearance schedule!

Wednesday 26th of June, I’ll be hanging at the Fenix Festival. That’s like… today.
It’ll be awesome though, because there’s many other artists, musicians, videogames etc. to behold!

Friday 28th of June I’ll be in Brussels, at the old Sint Lukas School of Arts. There’s a photography master’s exhibition opening, and an art fair. Come and visit!

Sunday 30th of June it’s Antwerp again, at the Lambermontmartre art fair. These are monthly, every last sunday of the month, until september.

Sunday 7th of July I’ll be at Marché Retro Enzoo, in Antwerp’s FelixPakhuis. A classy venue, featuring interior design, clothing, jewelry, and (apparently) comics!

Come on out, friends!