Hi guys!

Travels! Many travels have been done!
As it turned out, I’m not the kind of guy who can keep working while travelling. Deadline management has never been a strong suit, although this is a new record – datestamps reveal the latest page to date from APRIL. My shame is great.
The journeys have not been fruitless, however. I’ve kept two sketchbooks of these travels, which are yours for perusal.

The Journal of the Journey chronicles our American road  trip in pencils, inks and other stuff – I tried some new drawing styles here, with varying results. This sketchbook can be enjoyed next to the blogposts from that period!
Download the pdf!


The China Sketchbook (Zhōngguó sùxiě běn, or 中国速写本) is a more meditative thing, on colored paper, using white ink for highlights. I’m slightly (only slightly) more satisfied with the results.
Download the pdf!


That’s it for now. Enjoy the sketchbooks, and see you next week!