People who’ve been following the comic since the beginning have seen it evolve a little. I myself am one of them.

It’s a weird thing to see your own drawings, words and ideas come back at you. Only a year in (two if you count all the preparations), and, well… Things have changed already. Right?
In the beginning, I tried to always make Jon look fresh and cool, while Muriel was to be the droplet of blood on the otherwise blue-gray pages. She would be the main emotional vein of the comic. I drew on different paper, started cutting the pages in half, had arguments or agreed with Bram about the characters, and so on. While the characters’ motivation may have changed a somewhat, it’s mostly myself I keep encountering in those early pages. My early ideas, failed attempts, happy accidents… and every so often a nice touch I’d forgotten about.

Its kinda like this: remember yourself a couple of years ago? The ideas you had, your self-image, ego, view on relationships, view on others… And one day during spring cleaning, you discover an ancient diary you hardly remember keeping. While brooms and detergent are left to their own devices, you whirl downward to an earlier time. Leafing through the pages, your slightly-younger self jumps right back at you. Things you don’t remember your parents saying. Discoveries and adventures. The sudden memory of how someone stole the damn diary and read your secrets to the classroom. Arguments with friends, girls you had a secret crush on. Finding someone who understood you, and losing touch with them a year later.

Until you wonder. What would that younger me think of me? Where are that boy’s dreams and fears?

I don’t know whether I’ve always done him right. But I remember that kid, drawing all day long while he should be paying attention to the teachers, wanting nothing else. And I’m not going to disappoint him.