Hello there strangers,

It’s been quiet here. Awfully quiet.
As you may recall, A Song Called City started off as a webcomic, which (one assumes) would include the occasional blogpost, notifications in case of late comics, and some level of human interaction. No? Well, the episodes got printed, the official publication (which has sold acceptably well so far) came, I’ve been convention-hopping (including the Boekenbeurs which seemed like a very big deal), met a lot of people… And totally lost sight of the roots of the comic.

(I’m talking about you guys. This website. You guys, the first online readers.)

I mean to fix it though! Starting today, I’ll go and try to make at least one blogpost per week (there, it’s pinned to my calendar as a weekly to-do), provide some insight in the process, maybe get a conversation or two running… We’ll see!

I’ll start off with another disappointment: Episode 5 probably won’t go online tomorrow. I’m in the process of storyboarding (and thumbnailing) episodes 5 and 6 simultaneously, which is more work than I had anticipated I started working on way too late. It’s starting to look pretty good though! As you may or may not know, Episode 6 will be the conclusion of the main ASCC story-arc. Fear not, it’ll take at least a year until we get there, and I think it ‘ll be worth it!

See you guys soon!

(oh wait, expo espresso? Expo Espresso!)