You guys like coffee, right?

I was biking through the City in December, selling comics to fancy coffee places. Winter was upon us, and every now and then I got a free cappucino to fuel my nippy biking. Coffee bars cater to a specific audience: in order to be a regular here, you need

  • tons of money for fancy coffee
  • time, these things are usually open during office hours

Plus, it’s usually a culture-loving newspaper-reading hipster crowd that gathers here.

And so I thought: these folk need COMICS!

Skip two months and we’re on the brink of opening Expo Espresso!

Expo Espresso (details can be found here) will be a multi-location exhibition, spanning five coffee bars. Each location has a scene from Episode 4 as its centerpiece, with prints from said scene as accompaniment. The prints will be for sale at democratic rates, and every location will have its own special day where I sit down to sign your comics.

The exhibition opens this friday in Maurice & Dietrich, on Antwerp’s Grote Markt.

Come commute!