…and I’m glad we finally get to play ours for all of you. This comic adventure we’re embarking on would mean jackshit without an audience to write for, so please allow me to thank everyone who arrived in time for the start of the show. Undoubtedly others will arrive later, uneasily shuffling towards their seats in the half-dark, only recently clued in as to who’s playing tonight. That’s okay, though, because we’ve got a pretty sizable set planned for you good people.

A handful of you in the audience who know us personally, have already heard about those plans. They’ve seen the setlist and they’ve called us crazy. Multiple episodes within multiple seasons? Who would ever even attempt such a thing? The questions we get from people are manifold: “Why don’t you go through a regular publisher?”, “How will you make money if anyone can read your comic for free online?”, “Why won’t you write in Dutch?” and so on.

I’m sure we could formulate a bunch of dry and boring answers to all of these questions and to many others–but where would be the fun in that? So here’s what will happen instead: we’ll make a comic. Not just any comic, but the comic we want to make; unencumbered by the usual barrage of demands from editors, publishers, distributors and advertisers. Then, we’ll put that comic online, page after page, week after week, until we’re done. We know exactly how the story will end and how long it will take us to get there. And the best part is: we’ll never charge you a dime to read it.

If we keep this up long enough, there won’t be anymore questions. The accumulated fruits of our labour will simply be able to speak for themselves–and all there will be left to do, is kick back, relax, and listen to the music of this Song Called City.