You may have noticed how the promised update failed to go live. My sincerest apologies!

Part of this may be explained by my current location: I’m currently getting ready for bed, at a time my neighbours consider to be a quarter past midnight. My biological clock however, reads 9:15 in the morning.
I’m in San Francisco!

I don’t have my scanner with me, which is a shame, because that means no more new pages until I return to Belgium, damn! The old CanoScan spoketh not the language of Windows 8, reducing it to dead weight. Again, apologies!
I’ll try to confer something vaguely interesting in the form of blogposts.

Day One
In which we landed at a fabulous hostel, met a wonderful guy, and had a speeding showoff with four junior motorcyclists.
We met Jeffery near his home, as he got me out of a pickle I was having with a drunken local. We had spoken online, but the person was much older than I’d imagined. As we were dead tired, he offered to drop us off at our hostel almost immediately – an offer which we gladly accepted. Instead of making a beeline for the Green Tortoise (seriously, if you ever go to San Francisco, stay there!), our gracious host showed us all around town – the pacific ocean, golden gate park, Twin Peaks (overlooking the entire city!) etcetera. As we went down Frisco’s central hill, a quartet of motorcyclists (wet behind the ears, even to the untrained eye) started making a ruckus, swerving between lanes, braking unpredictably. They effectively forced the eight cars in their wake to make abrupt evasive maneuvers –

They were being total dicks.

But our host would not stand for this.
He caught up to them on market street, one of San Francisco’s heavy traffic boulevards, and started berating them from behind the wheel, all the while keeping their pace.

Things seemed to turn ugly (PULL OVER OLD MAN!!) yet he was unrelenting. As they threatened him, he filmed their license plates, pausing only to scream rhetoric at their pubescent faces. My head found itself in the unfortunate middle position between the two parties. Driving behaviour was brusque.
As he finally broke away, making for calmer streets, he assured us everything was okay. “I have friends with the police”, he said. “They’ll hang for sure”.

We wondered a while at this peculiar evening. As first nights of a trip go, this one certainly didn’t disappoint.