A glorious new exhibition awaits!

As Episode #2 draws to a close, A Song Called City will be on exhibition after easter holiday. Opening on thursday 18th of april, this exhibit features custom lighting, a work-in-progress table, tangible paper-like materializations of this online comic you’ve been reading which are also buyable, and lots more!

Did I mention it’s a solo exhibit this time? I can do anything I like to the space, which results -of course it does- in overly ambitious plans, grand visions of comic-adorned halls, with scantily clad maidens praying to the muses of the major myths,… Although budget constraints might put a limit to the possible. So the next two weeks I’ll be stressing the fuck out, as I rush to complete Episode #2 for print. I’ll be building the exhibit myself, down to the wiring of the new lights, the tilted panels of the comic,… This is going to be a blast! Well, I hope it will be.

See you there!