Man oh man!

The exhibition was a blast. Those are the first words that come to mind.
Working on this comic places me in a strange parallel universe, where everything I do has meaning to me. It’s a silly thing, but it keeps me going. It’s a reason to get up in the morning. It’s a reason not to go to sleep. And when I pause to look over my shoulder, the most fantastic girl I could imagine is smiling, happy about my comicking. I feel purpose.

But when I exhibit, the tensions associated with this project rise from 220 to high voltage.

Under normal circumstances, my psyche is a placid, restful lake. Yet now, storms plague the fishermen sailing it. And when it all comes together, meeting unlikely deadlines, needing no sleep save for two hours, putting the final needle in the books a mere three hours before the opening, and then signing said books for enthusiastic people–

Well, few things stand next to this experience.

Especially when you sell out of books after the first two days!

Gratitude. And exhilaration! And gratitude again.

Thank you, folks!