Imagine hosting a comic book party. You’ve been wrangling these comical shenanigans for some time now, and your friends and family smilingly endorse your quirky hobby. Which is fun! It’s all kinds of fun. But you never know if anyone really likes (let alone reads) your comics. You can’t know whether you’re any good, compared to the people you hope to one day address as colleagues.

Friends and family (on account of them loving you) are fundamentally untrustworthy.

But suddenly, some strangers casually stroll into the room! What are they doing there? You don’t know them – and they don’t know you – but their purpose seems clear. They are there, enjoying your doodles. Hell, they even buy your books. And the people running the gallery make you an aftermovie!
Suddenly, friends and family’s maybe-feigned enthusiasm gains credibility.

Lessened paranoia is a wonderful side-effect of these parties.

With episode 3 being nigh concluded, i’m taking some time to carefully prepare episode 4 – which will debut somewhere mid-january.

December will be a pretty busy month. Between the classic festivities, there’s a couple of ill-timed birthdays, a bunch of comic conventions and a wonderful little thing called the fourth anniversary of me-and-my-lady. I may go offline for a while.

Enjoy the conclusion to episode 3, and I’ll see you in january!