Let’s delve into non-comic related business here.

I’m something of a free software enthusiast. Free as in libre, not gratis. The digital medium has taken such a central place in our lives, that it’s disturbing to see how we are still severely limited by the corporations that provide us with these platforms. Want a new computer? Have Windows 8 with it – even though you’d rather stick with 7, or XP, or even something entirely different. It’s completely understandable that these corporations try to push this on us – hell, they’re corporations, it’s what they do. But what’s weird is how placidly we accept these limitations. We seem to think there’s no other way.

And sure, most of us don’t understand how these digimal shenanigans work. But we do understand that we didn’t like Windows Vista. We definitely know we don’t like having to pay every two years for a newer, even crappier version of MS Office – resulting in incompatible document formats, ending up saving everything as a ’97 .doc.

The reason for my writing this today, is an interesting petition over at avaaz.org. If you buy a computer nowadays, it’s pre-loaded with all kinds of software you might not be interested in (Photoshop Elements? MS Excel/OneNote/Access? McAfee? Norton? I’m never gonna use those). The only purpose this pre-loaded software serves, is further reinforcing the existing market monopolies. Furthermore, this software (on average) makes up 30% of a PC’s retail price.
30%! Even when I just want to throw the windows off, Office included, and install some sweet free software instead?!
This pre-installed bullshit should be optional. And that’s what we’re fighting for, today.

Sign this shit!