Democracy is now!

Belgium’s heavily anticipated elections are closing in on us, like a nefarious cloud of Olympian proportions – but there’s still two months to go before that hammer comes down.
No, I speak of the coveted Comik Web Award, a trophy to be awarded during the Haarlem Comic Days!

(the previous winner, Christiaan De Jong)

Of course, it would be greatly appreciated if you could take some time to vote for this comic. Instead of pointing you to some fancy web-voting applet, I’m afraid this one is a bit more old-fashioned. To nominate (and vote for) A Song Called City, you’ll have to mail your vote to

  1. Include the URL.
  2. Explain what, according to you, is the strength of A Song Called City.

Thank you so much!

P.S.: There’s a big news thingy on the way! More disclosure one o’ these days!