In stealthy fashion, a shiny yellow button smokebombed its appearance on the front page.

It’s something I’ve been postponing for months on end now, until my Lady started doing it for me. As it turns out, it only takes two minutes to install.
Now don’t worry, the comic is still free to read – and by my current plans, will stay that way. I’m convinced that our generation has a different lookout on its consumption of entertainment. People download movies, series, music and comic books alike, reading them in a binge. And sometimes, buying or otherwise supporting what they like. Therefore, this comic is free to read. And if you like it, and you’d like to support its author, you’re free to do so. You can blog about it, like and share stuff on the Book of Faces, buy booklets (in another perpetually postponed project, the coming-soon-Webshop) or -as of now- donate your spare change.

PayPal’s ‘donate’ button has helped many a cartoonist before me in slowly rising from Starbucks part-timer with a quirky hobby to, ultimately, Emperor of teh Webcomics. Few succeeded as Penny Arcade or PVP did, but many are able to live comfortable lives sans panhandling or prostitution. And as the website’s stats slowly rise, I find myself thinking that gods willing, this could be me, one day.

This yellow oval is a first step. May there follow more.